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Simpson House Inn: Bringing the Essence of an English Country Wedding to Santa Barbara

Simpson House Inn: Bringing the Essence of an English Country Wedding to Santa Barbara

Intimate Garden Venue and 1874 Victorian Estate in the Heart of Santa Barbara

For those who have always dreamt of an idyllic English country wedding but find themselves in the stunning city of Santa Barbara, fear not! Nestled amidst the beauty of this coastal paradise lies the Simpson House Inn, a wedding venue that magically transports you to the charm and elegance of an English countryside estate. Join us as we explore how the Simpson House Inn brings the essence of an English country wedding to life, offering a delightful fusion of Santa Barbara’s allure and timeless English romance.

Simpson House Inn was voted 15th Top Romance Hotel in the United States for Traveler’s Choice Awards

Timeless Architecture and Gardens: The Simpson House Inn, a historic Victorian estate, boasts an architectural style reminiscent of the grand country manors of England. Its classic design, complete with gabled roofs, bay windows, and intricate woodwork, exudes a sense of refined elegance. The expansive gardens, filled with blooming flowers, manicured hedges, and winding paths, add to the romantic ambiance, evoking the essence of an English garden. Walking through these enchanting grounds, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported to the English countryside, creating the perfect backdrop for your dream wedding.

Quaint Ceremony Spaces: The inn offers a variety of ceremony spaces that capture the essence of an English country wedding. Imagine exchanging vows under a charming garden gazebo, surrounded by lush greenery and delicate blooms. The verdant lawns and majestic trees provide a picturesque setting for a romantic outdoor ceremony. Alternatively, the inn’s elegant Drawing Room, with its antique furnishings, delicate wallpaper, and warm fireplace, offers an intimate indoor space for smaller ceremonies.

English-inspired Décor and Details: The inn’s interior spaces are adorned with English-inspired décor, creating an authentic atmosphere for your wedding celebration. From ornate chandeliers and vintage furniture to fine china and elegant table settings, every detail is carefully curated to reflect the sophistication and charm of an English country estate.

Intimate Atmosphere: An English country wedding is often characterized by its intimate and personal nature, and the Simpson House Inn excels in providing such an atmosphere. The attentive staff is dedicated to delivering personalized service, ensuring that every aspect of your wedding day is tailored to your desires. The intimate setting allows you to celebrate your love surrounded by those closest to you, creating a warm and inviting ambiance.

While Santa Barbara may be miles away from the rolling hills of the English countryside, the Simpson House Inn provides a unique opportunity to experience the charm and elegance of an English country wedding. With its timeless architecture, enchanting gardens, intimate spaces, English-inspired décor, and culinary delights, the inn captures the essence of this romantic theme. Celebrate your special day in a setting that seamlessly blends the allure of Santa Barbara with the magic of an English country estate. The Simpson House Inn ensures that your dream of an English country wedding becomes a reality, creating memories to treasure for a lifetime.

Written by Shayna Cogan

Venue: Simpson House Inn

Catering: Pure Joy Catering

Photos: Dan & Tyler Photography



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